DAI – Dancing Artificial Intelligence –

Dublin Dance Festival – Science Gallery – Dublin – IE

9 May 2018 – 13 May 2018

DAI was invited by the Dublin Dance Festival to perform a series of 31 performances over 5 days at the Science Gallery. The main novelty for DAI here was that there were walls. We decided to let DAI run into the walls freely to see what would happen and after a few rather big collisions it found that it could use its upper wheels against the walls to flip over. This got us thinking that we should probably introduce some concept of pain to prevent it from auto-destruction.

We also tried a “festival” presentation format. With a short 5 minute introduction, a 15 minute performance and 20 minute Q&A. It was really interesting to meet a very curious audience that was a mix of festival goers and performers from the Dublin Dance Festival and families and students who happened upon DAI while visiting the Science Gallery. It turned out to be a week of very stimulating debate with the 600 spectators who were there.